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Fancy Meats (offals)

A wide selection of both edible and inedible offals are produced.


High-quality product for use in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.


A range of white wool types (from the slipe process), mostly in the range from 25-38 microns.


Salted or wet-blued. Weight ranged, and suitable for shoes, upholstery and garment manufacture.


Lamb and sheep pelts - pickled and wet-blued, suitable for suede, nubuck, and aniline nappa finish.  Salted wool on skins suitable for double face, linings and rugs.


For smallgoods manufacture. Alliance Group casings are renowned world wide for their extremely high quality.

Rendered Products

Including protein meals for use in petfood supplements, and tallow for use in soap manufacture.

  © 2013 Alliance Group

  © 2013 Alliance Group