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Pure South mutton is enriched with high quality protein, which is essential for building, repairing and maintaining body tissues as well as organs and cells in all parts of the body.


Iron is a mineral that is required for our physical and mental wellbeing. Our Pure South mutton has at least twice as much iron as a chicken breast, and 6 times more than spinach. Iron in mutton is also in the haem form, so the body can absorb it easier than the iron found in grains.


Zinc helps fight infections and heal wounds. Pure South mutton also contains zinc that is easily absorbed by our bodies.


Pure South mutton is high in vitamins A, B, D, E and K. B12 specifically is found only in animal foods and plays a crucial role in maintaining our nervous systems.


Our mutton contains as little as 10% fat, with many cuts for manufacturing having far lower fat content. Half of this fat is mono-unsaturated, which is more commonly associated with olive oil. The small amount of fat left comprises of essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins.

Omega 3s

The small amount of polyunsaturated fat in Pure South mutton includes omega 3s. These are the same healthy oils as those found in some fish and fish oil supplements. The levels of omega 3 come from the grass-fed nature of our mutton.

Ideal For Manufacturing

The larger primal muscle mass, and more mature texture of Pure South mutton combine to make it an ideal binding agent for smallgoods and other manufactured products.

  © 2013 Alliance Group

  © 2013 Alliance Group