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Pure South lamb, beef and venison are the result of more than 50 years of excellent farming practices, continually improving systems, strong global connections, and our quest for innovation.

Our sustainable, grass-fed process enables us to export products to 65 different countries and still maintain a relatively low carbon footprint.

Free range and grass-fed

Free range and grass-fed

Farming is a natural use for New Zealand’s land. Ample rain, fertile soil, open pastures and a year-round temperate climate provide ideal conditions. A strict grass-fed diet results in leaner meat with fewer calories.

Farmers we know

In 1948 a group of Southland farmers joined together to process and market high quality meat. In 1980 they became a cooperative, and today with over 5,000 farmer shareholders, continue to provide our meat to international markets. Their passion and experience helped build the foundation of the Pure South name.

Baked beans

Iron per 100g

Naturally nutritious

New Zealand’s natural environment results in meat with maximum potential for nutrition and flavour, while our geographic isolation and strict quarantine laws have kept dangerous animal diseases out.  Our livestock is naturally:

  • grass-fed
  • free of growth-promoting hormones
  • low in fat
  • enriched with iron, vitamins, zinc and other essential nutrients.

Focused on welfare

We are committed to the 'five freedoms' for animal welfare:

  • freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition
  • freedom from thermal and physical discomfort
  • freedom from disease and injury
  • freedom from fear and distress
  • freedom to display natural patterns of behaviour.

Pure South farmers must meet Animal Welfare Advisory Committee standards.



We take responsibility for every link in our supply chain - from farm to market.

Our tracking processes are in place every step of the way, and continued investment in technology ensures these processes remain at a world-class level.


Pure South invests in innovative systems to improve what we offer the market and how we work with farmers. 

We are constantly improving our approach to grading, testing and processing to help farmers understand the attributes global markets are looking for.

Environmental awareness

Environmental awareness

We have developed our own independently-audited Farm Assurance Scheme.

We review our environmental impact annually, and have developed the technology to calculate the carbon footprint of every farm and supplier through our own ‘hoofprint’ programme.

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  © 2013 Alliance Group