About Us

Since 1948
70 years ago, our farmers started working together. They created world class breeding programmes, invested in research, developed innovative butchery techniques, and took New Zealand’s finest lamb, beef and venison to the world.

Environmental care & welfare conscious
With a mild climate and ample space, our New Zealand environment is ideally suited to natural farming methods, a high standard of animal welfare and environmental care. Our grass-fed, low stress animals produce world class red meat with a flavourful taste and tender eating quality.

Diverse & natural landscape
From coastal plains to rolling hills, high country stations and alpine mountains, Pure South reflects our unique provenance and diverse climate, captured in a distinctive range of flavours.

Pure South. From our family farms.


Alliance began as a group of farmers in 1948 and is now a world leader in lamb, beef and venison production and distribution, delivering quality products to over 65 countries.